This stone is renowned for its ability to enhance self-expression, creativity, insight and over view. It is associated with truthfulness, openness, love, purification, intuition, self-confidence and integrity in relationships.

Valued by seekers of truth for it's ability to quiet and purify the mind, channel higher guidance and connect with the higher self. It is also said to enhance psychic ability and protect against negative influences

Helpful for anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, and shyness, healing to the nervous system, for M.S., problems with speech or hearing and pain or inflammation, especially around the head
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Healing Stone Bracelets - Lapis
Finished with 14k solid gold or sterling beads & clasp.
Genuine silk gift pouch & description card included.
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8mm round, gem quality, deep lustrous blue with subtle gold flecks, totally natural, untreated and un-dyed

Sterling: $135 / 14K Gold: $183
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